School Program Guidelines

Whilst on site, teachers and accompanying adults are responsible for their students at all times and must ensure students adhere to PepperGreen Farm’s School Program Guidelines, listed below.

Ratio required 10:1 as per group capacities

Schools are responsible for all student medication requirements and MUST bring a first aid kit. However, PepperGreen Farm has designated staff to assist if required.

If you require an Ambulance, notify a member of staff. All calls must go through the front desk, as this is the first point of call for the emergency services.

A lead teacher needs to be appointed and acknowledged on the booking form. This member of staff is responsible for explaining all health and safety matter regarding your visit to ALL supervising adults.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable learning experience when visiting PepperGreen Farm, we encourage teachers/ guides to familiarise themselves with our company Code of Conduct and Practice and (Child Safety Policy) prior to your school’s visit. Please contact PepperGreen Farm directly to obtain a copy of these documents.

Everyone at PepperGreen Farm from the public, staff, volunteers, visiting students, teachers and parents have the right to:

  • be safe from physical, verbal and emotional abuse;
  • enjoy PepperGreen Farm free from harassment and bullying;
  • be treated with respect and courtesy and expect that their property will be treated with respect.

PepperGreen Farm staff and volunteers will:

  • respect visiting school students and teachers and behave towards them in a professional, courteous and helpful manner at all times.

Supervising teachers of school groups are responsible for:

  • maintaining close supervision of the students in their care at all times and providing an example of appropriate behaviours;
  • ensuring they are contactable by PepperGreen Farm staff throughout their visit by providing a contact name and mobile phone number, and that the mobile phone is on during the visit;
  • ensuring this Code of Conduct is communicated to all students in their care and supervising adults, to ensure it is respected; encouraging students to take responsibility for their behaviour.

Students visiting PepperGreen Farm are responsible for:

  • moving around PepperGreen Farm in a way that ensures their own safety and the safety of others;
  • respecting the PepperGreen Farm’s collection and the property of others;
  • following the lawful instructions of PepperGreen Farm staff and volunteers;
  • treating everyone with respect andrefraining from aggressive behaviours;
  • enjoying the learning experience at PepperGreen Farm and allowing others to do the same.

PepperGreen Farm has the right to ask anyone to leave who is not following this code of conduct.

Visiting schools will be responsible for supervising anyone directed to leave. No refund will be made.

Emergency evacuation procedure 

  • You will hear the emergency warning alarm.
  • Remain calm.
  • Please take your students promptly to the nearest EMERGENCY SAFE ASSEMBLY area, marked as on the map below.
  • If a member of your party is missing. Please advise a member of staff immediately.
  • DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES RE-ENTER THE FARM. You must wait for the all clear from the Chief Evacuation Officer.

Acknowledgement of Country

PepperGreen Farm acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation
and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.