PepperGreen Farm

Meet Neil

He is having a well-deserved break

Neil is an amazing welder, he does all our repairs and maintenance at the farm, and is currently building us some beautiful furniture .

In addition to this he loves to share his knowledge with other employees and also moonlights as our mascot!

We are lucky to have you Neil

PepperGreen – a community park for horticulture, environmental education and heritage awareness.

The majority of the current PepperGreen Farm site was originally a Chinese market garden until the 1950’s, then in later years a plant nursery. The recent discovery of a Chinese brick making kiln dating from 1859, has helped to retain the rich Chinese heritage of the site. Now a community park for horticulture, environmental education and heritage awareness – operated by Access Contractors to deliver various employment initiatives.

Australian Disability Enterprises

Supported employment for people with a disability, involved in business activities such as vegetable growing and harvesting, packaging, landcare and industrial services.

Registered Training Organisation

Access Skills Training (AST) is a Registered Training Organisation and provides training to supported employees at PepperGreen Farm through accredited work skills training. Additionally the training organisation uses the PepperGreen Farm environment to provide community based training in horticulture, disability, business, OH&S, information technology and other courses.

Where to find us

PepperGreen Farm is located at 40 – 44 Thunder Street, North Bendigo, next to a bus stop, the Joss House tram stop and a short walk from Lake Weeroona.
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